What is Ricard ?

Ricard is the Number One pastis, or aniseed-flavored beverage, in the world. A refreshing aperitif, Ricard is a long-time favorite in France and the 4th largest spirit in the world. It is sold in 150 countries. The original secret recipe, composed of a blend of natural ingredients, is unaltered since its creation by Paul Ricard in 1932.

The principal ingredient of Ricard is star anise, a rare spice that grows near the southern Chinese border and in the north of Vietnam. Others include licorice from Syria and aromatic herbs from Provence. The quality and harmony of the ingredients are the reason for its success and unique flavor. This refreshing beverage is traditionally served with 5 parts water and 1 part Ricard, making it "The French Milk" due to its cloudy, white appearance.

A light, natural and refreshing beverage, RICARD is both unique and multi-faceted. What makes it unique is the timeless quality of its recipe, which has been kept secret since it was formulated by Paul Ricard in 1932. And it is multi-faceted because of the variety of natural ingredients it contains: a subtle blend of star aniseed from China, liquorice from the Mediterranean, and aromatic herbs from Provence.

Tasting ritual: a splash of water gives a glass of RICARD its first frisson of freshness, followed by the first sip in which it reveals the infinite wealth and generosity of its flavours. On the palate, the clear and penetrating purity of aniseed reveals a voluptuous, delicate and infinitely refreshing sensation. The aniseed flavour, which is specific to Ricard, is underlined by the generosity of liquorice and accompanied by aromatic finishing notes of fruit, flowers and spices.