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Hello I am Rémy from the Netherlands and I am a bit "Ricard crazy".  I like to drink Ricard very much. But when I am not drinking it I collect everything from Ricard. It all started with a glass that I've got from my girlfriend, which she took  from Portugal.

Later I got more things  from friends and bars. Also at flea markets and liquor stores. But in the Netherlands it's very difficult to get the really nice stuff. Then there was internet........ now my collection is getting bigger and bigger. Unfortunately there are not many other Ricard collectors in the Netherlands to show my collection to. Then the time came to build this website, now everybody can see my Ricard collection. Till now I referred to the collection as my collection, that's not completely true because the the Ricard fever spread to my lovely girlfriend Angel, from who I've got my first glass. So now we collect Ricard items together.

It's always nice to speak with other collectors or of course other Ricard lovers, so you can always mail me if you want. Especially if you live in the Netherlands or Belgium, contact me, maybe we can exchange some things or drink a Ricard together.